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14th>18th MARCH 2018

This international economic event will play host to professionals from the digital and mobility sectors and to users.
They will all get the unique opportunity to invent and test the mobilities of tomorrow in the territory of Rennes.


Inventing [IN]doors…

An [IN]door section will target businesses via keynote speeches, workshops and conferences aimed at professionals, companies, start-ups and institutional clients. The Jacobins Convent will become the venue in which digital mobilities are confronted and combined.

& testing [OUT]doors

The [OUT]door section will see the city of Rennes become a testing-field for professionals and users to carry out full-scale trials of their solutions. This will allow companies to accelerate and ease the transition from the prototype stage to the distribution stage for their innovations.

On the agenda

AN [IN]DOOR EVENT FROM 14-16 MARCH 2018: An international business-oriented conference

AN [OUT]DOOR EVENT FROM 16-18 MARCH 2018: Experiments tested by users in Rennes metropolis


Call for experimentation

The kick-off for a call for experimentation from companies and start-ups is set for March 2017. It will enable new procedures to be tested throughout the territory of Rennes from autumn 2017 onwards.

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is changing the city!

Beginning in 2018, Rennes will devote its public spaces and its territory to industrial partners and start-ups by hosting the first collaborative and inclusive event dedicated to transforming mobility services (via new technologies, the digital sector and new economic models): inOut!

This recurrent international event is more than merely a conference or an exhibition: it is set to continue throughout the year as a unique location (an incubator on a human scale) where new mobilities are invented [IN]doors and are tested [OUT]doors, with users, in real time.

It is a unique co-creation platform that gives industrial partners, start-ups and other new mobility players the opportunity to invent new mobility services, to experiment and to test new uses and new economic models, in close proximity to every citizen, young and old.

Join the inOut community today and we will see you in March 2018 at The Jacobins Convent and throughout Rennes, a real-life playground for digital mobility!

Emmanuel Couet – Chairman of Rennes Metropolis

An event of Rennes Metropolis
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