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> floorplan - level 0 | welcome area, cloakroom, conference room La Nef, Network[IN], Startup Alley, press room

> floorplan - level 1 | room Les Dortoirs (Market Pitch), inOut evening

> floorplan - level 2 | Press Conference

> floorplan - level -1 | Workshops (rooms 2 to 6)

> floorplan - level -2 | conference room Auditorium 1000


 [in] event, WHERE AND WHEN?


The [IN] event at inOut 2018 will take place on 14-16 March 2018
at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes.

Founded in 1369, the Couvent des Jacobins bears the name of the famous preaching friars, also known as the Dominicans; Located right in the heart of the historical centre of Rennes, it boats all the modern facilities of a 21st century convention centre.

Find out more about the history of the location by clicking here

The Couvent des Jacobins
20, place Sainte-Anne
35000 Rennes - France

Use the IMAGINA application

Rennes train station is currently undergoing improvements. The simplest mean to reach the Couvent des Jacobins is to take the metro. Start by one of SNCF’s the experiments in collaboration with Imagina during inOut:

1) Download IMAGINA application

2) At the Rennes station, open the application and let yourself be guided from your platform to the metro

3) From the Sainte Anne Station, you have direct access to the Couvent des jacobins


[IN] event, HOW TO REACH IT ?


By plane?

The Couvent des Jacobins is only 25 minutes from airport.
More information on Rennes Bretagne Airport here

By train?

The Couvent des Jacobins is only 10 minutes from Rennes train station.

By car?

The Couvent des Jacobins is located in the historical city centre of Rennes.
2 public parking lots are located in the nearby.
Find your route here

By public transport

- Metro, station Sainte-Anne
- Bus, lines C1, C5, 9 and 12, station Sainte-Anne
Your route with the STAR network here

- Free bike, station Sainte-Anne
More information about LE vélo STAR here (free bike network)

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