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inOut 2018 : digital technology devoted to enriched mobility




Being guided at every step of the way for completely stress-free travel, obtaining information in real time to save time, being able to change between modes of transport whilst still feeling that your journey is ‘unbroken’, having customised information if you consent to share your personal details, etc. Digital tools make my travel smoother and offer the perfect balance between public and personal transport, for quicker travelling.




Who said that technology was going to replace human relationships? Carpooling platforms mean I can go on holiday or commute to work with friends, neighbours or even strangers, and I might even make new friends. I can use collaborative digital tools to exchange information on good deals and reviews for holidays and trips - I can express your opinion. I make an active contribution to my territory or my quality of life and join communities of interest: carpoolers, cyclists, train-users, etc.




Hire a truck for moving house or an urban runabout for your holidays, find train or coach tickets at reasonable prices, book a taxi in the middle of the night, have a part of my bicycle or my car repaired, etc. Digital technology can bring me into contact with a large number of private individuals and professionals who complement the possibilities offered by conventional transport operators - some of which have already been through their internal revolution - to provide mobility solutions at a lower cost. 



MORE Accessible

In a society where the number of dependent elderly people is rising, where lack of mobility constitutes an obstacle to employment and where disability can sometimes lead to isolation, digital technology is contributing to broadening access to mobility and addressing issues that are both social and personal in nature. From socially responsible carpooling platforms to advances in self-driving vehicles via car-sharing services, it is a vector of independence and social inclusion.




The hegemony of private cars is at an end - long live shared car use (carpooling, car-sharing, etc.); digital technology promotes a multimodality through which travellers can pedal, walk, drive and be driven all over the course of a single journey. The rise in electric vehicles is furthermore giving a glimpse of a carbon-free future and a society that holds greater respect for the environment.


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