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How Nevada is driving smart traffic innovation in Sin City (and beyond)

A six-month trial between an Israeli startup and Las Vegas will use artificial intelligence to predict traffic accidents, allowing first responders to help drivers on U.S. 95 and Interstate 15 faster than ever before.

Mobike, Masterpass Partner In Bike-Sharing

Bike-sharing has become big business worldwide in a relatively short span of time. Virtually unheard of even a few years ago, these days there are over 1,000 bike-share operations in locations around the globe — and research firm Berger expects…

Uber opens up data to urban planners

Nick Michell spoke with Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research at Uber, about the impact its services can have on city streets and urban planning

How autonomous vehicles are shaping how we move through our cities

The carmakers, startups, and planners reshaping urban mobility

France considering a ban on all fossil fuel vehicles by 2040

France is considering banning the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, the country’s environmental minister said Thursday, according to multiple reports. It’s unclear, however, whether this proposal is an official position of French President Emmanuel Macron’s new…

Volvo’s Electric Car Plan Isn’t as Bold or Crazy as It Seems

On Tuesday, Volvo took the world on a short journey to the future. Starting in 2019, every new model the Swedish automaker releases will run at least in part on electric power. “We are determined to be the first premium…

Autonomous Vehicles Could Change the Lives of People with Disabilities

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize travel, but there is one segment of society, who have so far been overlooked, that they could greatly benefit: people with disabilities. Driverless cars, according to a report by the Ruderman Foundation “offer…

If Buddhist Monks Trained AI

Monks take on the trolley problem, a classic moral dilemma that has big implications for driverless cars.

Smart moves for Smart Mobility

" What every working person hopes for in the morning, apart from a good cup of coffee, is a smooth journey into work. One that’s cool, comfortable and — most importantly — convenient. In just a few years, that journey…

Why mobility tech could be $600 billion boon for cities

Ridesharing apps, autonomous vehicles, electric cars, bicycles. It's easy to feel your wheels are spinning when it comes to keeping up with the automakers, startups and cities racing to keep pace with a new wave of transportation technologies.

Queen’s Speech: Petrol stations to go electric - BBC News

The measure forms part of a government push to increase the number of electric vehicles on UK roads. The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill also contains plans to push driverless car technology.

5 major barriers facing the connected cars of the future

Connected vehicles (CVs) have inspired a great deal of digital ink, but it’s still easy to forget that autonomous vehicles (AVs) aren’t the only digital innovation revolutionizing the auto industry. Nor, in fact, are they the first. CVs have been…