Autonomous Vehicles: Moving Forward

When, some years ago, the date of 2020 began to be considered as the year in which autonomous vehicles would start to be seen on the roads of our cities, and along with ride-sharing, ushering in the end of private…

Volvo’s Electric Car Plan Isn’t as Bold or Crazy as It Seems

On Tuesday, Volvo took the world on a short journey to the future. Starting in 2019, every new model the Swedish automaker releases will run at least in part on electric power. “We are determined to be the first premium…

All the Promises Automakers Have Made About the Future of Cars

I compiled all the grand promises that the world’s traditional carmakers have made in the past two years or so, and one thing is clear: Either the automotive world is going to undergo a radical transformation around 2020, or these…

Hyundai and Cisco drive towards the connected car

A year into their connected car partnership, Cisco and Hyundai are working towards developing a hardware platform for smart vehicle solutions, bringing high-speed connectivity into the car via Ethernet, and implementing end-to-end security.

Self-driving cars just had one of their best months yet

For most people, self-driving cars are just an abstraction, something they read about occasionally in the press but still consider a far-off, futuristic fantasy. They read the headlines and scoff, “Not in my lifetime.” But the events of this past…

4 Mobility Startups Get Funding from Jaguar Land Rover s InMotion Ventures

Four startups trying to solve snags in the mobility sector have secured seed funding from InMotion Ventures, the venture capital arm and startup accelerator of Jaguar Land Rover.

Autonomous Vehicles Could Change the Lives of People with Disabilities

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize travel, but there is one segment of society, who have so far been overlooked, that they could greatly benefit: people with disabilities. Driverless cars, according to a report by the Ruderman Foundation “offer…

Why mobility tech could be $600 billion boon for cities

Ridesharing apps, autonomous vehicles, electric cars, bicycles. It's easy to feel your wheels are spinning when it comes to keeping up with the automakers, startups and cities racing to keep pace with a new wave of transportation technologies.

Volkswagen partners with Nvidia to expand its use of AI beyond autonomous vehicles

Volkswagen is working with Nvidia to expand its usage of its artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies beyond autonomous vehicles and into other areas of business, the two companies revealed today.

Waymo teams with Avis to manage autonomous vehicle fleet

Google's self-driving car unit Waymo is turning to car rental giant Avis Budget Group for support of its growing autonomous vehicle fleet.

Avis signs on to manage Waymo’s self-driving vehicle fleet in Phoenix

Waymo has entered into an agreement with rental car company Avis that will see Avis manage its autonomous vehicle fleet in Phoenix. Phoenix is the site of Waymo’s first commercial self-driving car service, with the Alphabet-owned company launching an on-demand…

Trains, planes and automobiles: the transport systems embracing smart tech

The transport industry is going through a revolution. You can now buy your train tickets through apps and pay with Apple Pay. In cities, you can tap your contactless bank card to pay for public transport, and of course Uber…