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 14th > 18th MARCH 2018

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The [OUT]door section will see the city of Rennes become a testing-field for professionals and users to carry out full-scale trials of their solutions.

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The best of digital mobilities

Research & innovation

They question what exists, invent what does not yet exist, and define the digital mobilities of tomorrow.

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Intel is working with Waymo to build fully self-driving cars

Intel announced today that it will be collaborating with Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo to provide the computing power necessary for Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles that can drive in most any condition.

Switzerland’s Getting a Delivery Network for Blood-Toting Drones

Yet drones are already proving their worth with more urgent, medical, missions. The latest of these comes from Silicon Valley startup Matternet, which has been testing an autonomous drone network over Switzerland, shuttling blood and other medical samples between hospitals…

Finally, a Driverless Car with Some Common Sense

A startup called iSee thinks a new approach to AI will make self-driving cars better at dealing with unexpected situations.


They act, develop, anticipate market requirements and create the offer of digital mobilities.

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 inOut at the Lohéac Rallycross

As part of the Lohéac Rallycross tournament, the inOut team participated in a key economic encounter on the theme of “automobiles and new mobilities”. Alongside the competitivity cluster iD4CAR, the association ITS Bretagne and the training body Ozone, our team…

Ford and Mahindra explore strategic cooperation around car tech in India

Ford and Indian automaker and mobility company Mahindra Group have entered into a new agreement to explore a potential strategic partnership focused on a number of different areas, including mobility, electrifications, connected vehicles and transportation infrastructure and more.

“Netflix of transport” could offer unlimited use of public transport in Singapore for flat fee

Imagine paying a flat fee for unlimited use of any public transport mode, including buses, trains, bicycles and a pre-set amount of taxi rides. This is what Whim - an app created by Finnish firm Maas Global - hopes to…

Society and sustainable development

They experiment, accompany, propose new ways of getting around and act on behalf of territories and users.

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When will self-driving electric cars make conventional cars worthless?

You’re not worrying about it yet, but tens of millions of conventional vehicles could one day be dumped in junkyards and weedy lots when self-driving, electric vehicles make them too expensive by comparison. That day is either close at hand,…

The next media revolution will come from driverless cars

"Instead of just listening, drivers and passengers will finally be able to watch video and play games"

Hosting the 2028 Olympics Could Fix Los Angeles Transportation Network

"The great truth of the Olympics is this: The games always pack up and leave, along with the athletes and TV crews and other visitors who didn't spend nearly as much money as organizers said they would. As cities emerge…

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Call for experimentation

The kick-off for a call for experimentation from companies and start-ups is set for March 2017. It will enable new procedures to be tested throughout the territory of Rennes from autumn 2017 onwards.

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