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 14th > 18th MARCH 2018

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aimed at professionals, companies, start-ups and institutional clients who invent the digital

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The [OUT]door section will see the city of Rennes become a testing-field for professionals and users to carry out full-scale trials of their solutions.

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Orange, partner of new mobilities

Orange is a founding partner of the inOut event and is committed to promoting more responsible and collaborative travel that respects the environment. It is gradually replacing the vehicles in its fleet with electric vehicles and/or vehicles with low CO2…

InOut at the launch of IN’SCIENCES

On 6 October, inOut participated in the launch of IN’SCIENCES, a conference cycle on transport and mobility organised by INSA Rennes. Alongside researchers in social sciences, from RATP or Orange, our team tackled the major issues and challenges associated with…

inOut Experimentation : MOBsat, connected buses

In order to overcome frequent service interruption when accessing Internet on transport systems, a MoBsat field trial will start early next year in Rennes area.

The best of digital mobilities

Research & innovation

They question what exists, invent what does not yet exist, and define the digital mobilities of tomorrow.

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A Self-Driving Truck Might Deliver Your Next Refrigerator

If you live in Southern California and you’ve ordered one of those fancy new smart refrigerators in the past few weeks, it may have hitched a ride to you on a robotruck.

Autonomous Vehicles: Are You Ready for the New Ride?

Automakers are joining with Google, Uber, and high-profile start-ups to harness the technological advances that will power next-generation autonomous vehicles

Autonomous, electric cabs will operate in Las Vegas in January

During a press conference today in Paris, the French autonomous vehicle company Navya introduced what it called a “mobility revolution.” Coming on the heels of Waymo’s announcement today that it’ll be testing driverless cars in a Phoenix suburb without a…


They act, develop, anticipate market requirements and create the offer of digital mobilities.

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Quantifying the driverless startup boom

For driverless car startups, raising capital seems to happen on autopilot. Investors and acquirers have put billions into the space over the past couple of years in the race for early mover advantage. They’ve shown no desire to hit the…

UK : New insurance framework for self-driving cars

The UK government is creating a new insurance framework to address the liability issues arising from self-driving cars, the secretary of state for transport revealed yesterday. While automated vehicles are expected to make collisions rarer, the current insurance framework might…

Gauging the disruptive power of robo-taxis in autonomous driving

Personal mobility could change profoundly in the next two decades. Consumers, who increasingly view mobility as a service, want more choices for traveling between points A and B, including ride hailing, car sharing, and perhaps even self-driving “robo-taxis.” For automakers,…

Society and sustainable development

They experiment, accompany, propose new ways of getting around and act on behalf of territories and users.

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The department of transportation of the future

Transportation will be dramatically different in ten years. To adapt, public entities and stakeholders must act today.

How to Design Streets for Humans and Self-Driving Cars

Urban planners talk about two visions of the future city: heaven and hell. Hell, in case it's not clear, is bad—cities built for technologies, big companies, and vehicles instead of the humans who actually live in them. And hell, in…

Driverless cars will be a boon to the poor, the elderly and the disabled

The Tesla crowd may get a full driverless experience before anyone else, but unlike iPhones, Spotify, and Trader Joe’s, autonomous technology won’t just help those who are already pretty well-off. Instead, the opportunity and independence promised by our driverless future…

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Call for experimentation

The kick-off for a call for experimentation from companies and start-ups is set for March 2017. It will enable new procedures to be tested throughout the territory of Rennes from autumn 2017 onwards.

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